Question – Opinion on Sniping

ArXXXXX – Hey i was wanted to get an airsoft gun for my birthday and having a sniper looked like alot of fun but yet it looked somesort boring. What is your opinion on airsoft sniping ( when you are in match ) please reply with your thoughts.. thanks!

ACKME – I have mixed feelings about sniping… Matches are short so if you sneak around and get a good position the match is often over before you get a shot in. if you just drop and shoot from where you start everyone knows where you are so you get wasted by heavier firepower. Airsoft snipers also don’t have a lot more range, power, or accuracy than AEGs so it’s hard to outrange people. If you sink a lot of money into a sniper and the field plays high sniper limits (600fps+) and long rounds then sniping is awesome. Otherwise there are articles everywhere listing a myrad of reasons why you shouldn’t choose a sniper rifle to play field games with unless you really know what you are doing. SOOOOOO many people don’t call/notice sniper hits too. That said, getting a sniper kill is worth 20AEG kills in satisfaction. It’s a personal choice, I did it for a while than stopped because I like action and teamwork. On the right day it’s awesome, on a bad day it makes you want to quit airsoft.

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