Back in the Game

I give up, two years out of airsoft and I’m twenty pounds fatter and way out of shape. I’m buying gear and getting back in the game. So far I have two setups pending, a run and gun M4 Navy and a sniper setup.

I’m not screwing around with the setups this time. I’m going top of the line on both. I’ll post a review and details of each gin when they are ready to rock.

One big change this time is reviews. has been awesome enough to send me a few toys to play with. I’m considering this a new start and getting a new format. Every game day I’m going to try one new piece of gear and to an after action review video of it. I have an awesome studio setup at home so I might as well use it :).

Since my guns are in 1000 pieces and have parts on order, I’m going to try paintball for the first time in almost 10 years this weekend. I’m going to take my new Gopro 3 Black through it’s paces. Review and gameplay video coming next week!

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