Different Kinds of Airsoft Guns – Best to Worst

I keep getting asked what is the ‘best’ kind of airsoft gun to buy. Honestly, the different types of guns are pretty much the same aside from sniper rifles and support weapons. The brand matters more than the type in my opinion.

Here’s my list of pros and cons of the guns that I have used, from worst to best:

9 M14
Pros: Good exercise
Cons: Doesn’t have any advantage over smaller, lighter guns. Not many parts for it. VERY front heavy, good luck holding it up while running. Expensive. Small forward rail.

8 MP5
Pros: Very small. Lots of parts for it. Handles well in CQB
Cons: Tiny high cap mag (200rnds). Very small

7 SNIPER (Owned JG BAR 10)
Pros: Sniper kills are very satisfying. You can hit targets further and more accurately with a scope. Target often can’t hear your shot to duck (big +)
Cons: Airsoft guns aren’t very accurate at the best of times, so if you are expecting 100M head shots good luck. People often don’t know they got hit. Don’t have much of a range advantage. If someone sees you, you’re toast.

6 M249 or other support weapon
Pros: Large ammo capacity (2500~5000). Usually fits a large type battery, easy to top ammo up on the fly (just pour and go). Usually has a bipod making it easy to shoot laying down.
Cons: Very heavy to carry, it will wear you down very fast. Hard to shoot accurately if not laying down or very strong.

5 M4 (Owned Marui M4)
Pros: Tons of parts and accessories for it. Lots of configurations: sniper, cqb etc. Easy to use.
Cons: Everyone has one which makes it very boring imho.

4 G36 (Owned JG G36c)
Pros: Very easy gun to use. Lots of rails in the right places. Standard Highcap is 470rnd. Good feel. C variant is very small with stock folded in, good for CQB.
Cons: Not many parts for it.

3 AUG (Owned JG AUG Civ)
Pros: Bullpup design has very long barrel in a short gun. Easy to wind mag while shooting. Can change mag while never looking away from your sights. Great balance, it balances in the middle of the grip so you can shoot one handed easily. 2 stage trigger is very good for switching to auto on the fly.
Cons: Hard to get parts. Can’t get mag capacity over 330. All the weight is on one hand so you will look like a fiddler crab using this all the time.

2 AK (Owned JG AK47 Tactical)
Pros: Very comfortable design. Usually fits large battery internally. 600 Round basic high cap is largest available.
Cons: Small forward rail or none at all on most models. It’s a little hard to get to the iron sights with a mask on. Pretty big overall.

1 P90 (Owned Marui with hopper)
Pros: Smallest footprint of any AEG, not much more than a pistol. Sights are easy to use with a mask on. Bullpup design means fairly accurate in a small size. 2 stage trigger is very good for switching to auto on the fly. With hopper: It has a 1500rnd capacity. You can wind the hopper easily while shooting. Can top of the hopper on the fly. Hopper allows you to use a large 9.6 battery which lasts forever and gives high rof.
Cons: With no hopper the standard mags are a nightmare, they don’t fit in any basic pouch and they are hard to change. The M4 mag on the side also makes it hard to use left hand. It’s also very small and tight to hold (I got a butt extension). Strange design to get used to, but very natural when you do.

What do you think? What would you put first?

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