Airsoft Snipercam Test – Death to Snowman!

Testing out the quality and usability of a new snipercam rig. Unlike the last one this one is actually usable in game. It’s mounted on an M16 DMR RIS and the scope is mounted on the forward rail with the camera on the back rail. I will post a how to video on this soon, a lot of people ask me how I did the old one but it was next to unusable in game. This one is MUCH better has a number of advantages:

1. New scope allows focusing of crosshairs on the fly via a side knob
2. Forward scope mounting allows camera to be far enough forward to be able to aim properly through the camera viewfinder.
3. Using a DMR style gun allows semi auto accurate fire without having to use a bolt that would often knock the camera out of line.
4. Full auto possible for closer range
5. Clearer picture and better field of view (it’s slightly off in this vid but trust me)

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