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Advice about playing airsoft

Magpul PDR-C – Detailed Review

Review of the new Magpul PDR-C. This is an awesome little rifle, check it out. ps. I did find I could use the midcaps when I ground down the back of the magazines, not really happy about having to do … Continue reading

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Airsoft Gun vs Glasses

Will a standard pair of glasses stand up to a direct hit from an airsoft gun? Watch and see! Recorded in 1080p HD Airsoft Gun: Thompson 1928 Chicago Typewriter shooting at 395fps.

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Ackme’s Guide to the Mechanics of Airsoft – PART 1 – Hopup

PART 1 – Hopup Hopup is your best friend and worst enemy. It gives a much greater range to your bb but it gives it very strange flight characteristics. It imparts a backspin to the bb allowing it to “float”. … Continue reading

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Question – Opinion on Sniping

ArXXXXX – Hey i was wanted to get an airsoft gun for my birthday and having a sniper looked like alot of fun but yet it looked somesort boring. What is your opinion on airsoft sniping ( when you are … Continue reading

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