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Videos taken from a helmet camera.

2010/02/21 – Airsoft HelmetcamHD – Spies [7 Kills]

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2010/02/20 – Airsoft HelmetcamHD – Chongsuri Night Game

Night Game between ASK and Daejon ChungSuri. It’s 15 v 15 I’m aware it’s very dark, it’s an ongoing problem with night.

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2010/02/28 – Airsoft HelmetcamHD – Deathmatch M14 [8 Kills]

Deathmatch between the ASK Lancers and ASK Frontshooters with the Korean team Black Shadows mixed in. I am using a stock TM M14 SOCOM. For more info on our games and pictures go to

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2009/11/29 – Airsoft HelmetcamHD – Hwacheon ROK Army Training Grounds

The goal of this game is to capture 2/3 of the intelligence bags or eliminate the opposing team. The field is an old ROK training grounds near the North Korean border.

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2009/04/12 – Airsoft HelmetCam – 4 Kills in Deathmatch!

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2009/03/29 – House Assault, Fixing Guns on the Fly

House to house assault. My gun fails in the middle of the game. I have to fix it on the fly and come back to finish off the opfor. Taken March 29th, 2009

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2009/03/01 – Pwnage by Commando Che

Don’t Mess With the ROK! Che takes on a stinky hiding place and shoots 4 people in the back of the head, including me, before going down with one of the best death screams ever heard. The game is called … Continue reading

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2009/03/01 – CQB 4v4 Capture the Intelligence – Dual Pistols

The object is to capture the red bag in the building. Each team starts on the opposite wall and has to either get the bag to their side or eliminate the opposition. One pistol is a GBB and the other … Continue reading

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2008/06/01 – Reality First Person Shooter

Makes you want to grab a joystick and play along. This is an edited version of the previous video made to look like a video game. Thanks to ZenKimchi for the idea.

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