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Ackme’s Guide to the Mechanics of Airsoft – PART 1 – Hopup

PART 1 – Hopup Hopup is your best friend and worst enemy. It gives a much greater range to your bb but it gives it very strange flight characteristics. It imparts a backspin to the bb allowing it to “float”. … Continue reading

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Airsoft Claymore to the Face!

Airsoft claymore from 15 feet away straight on. It actually didn’t hurt at all. A good portion of the bbs hit but they must have been going 60~80fps tops. I bought one after this but it didn’t serve me much … Continue reading

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Different Kinds of Airsoft Guns – Best to Worst

I keep getting asked what is the ‘best’ kind of airsoft gun to buy. Honestly, the different types of guns are pretty much the same aside from sniper rifles and support weapons. The brand matters more than the type in … Continue reading

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Sniper – 2 Headshots and Pistol Kill!

Capture the Intelligence game. I get 2 clean headshots (complain all you want but if that’s all that’s sticking out, that’s what I’m shooting at). I storm the bunker after and get a pistol kill and capture the objective.

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How to: Make a Scope Camera

Directions on how to make an easy and reliable rifle (or airsoft) scope camera that can be easily made and used.

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ScopeCam Ver3 – Demo Video

Here’s a prototype for a new scope cam I’ve been working on. I’ve gotten so many requests for ‘scope cams’ and ‘how-to’ videos for making a scope cam but to be honest, the old versions were torture to use. After … Continue reading

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Hill Assult – Airsoft HelmetcamHD

Hill assault – A small group of elite US soldiers hold a hill with three fortified fallback points. A larger force of international civilian airsoft players, ROK forces, and US forces have to storm the hill and capture it. I … Continue reading

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Airsoft HelmetCamHD – Medic Control Point [2010-04-11]

A view from our squad on a control point game with medics. It shows how good teamwork and communication can change a game. We are outgunned, on the low ground, and playing against excellent players. Look at 14.06, a bb … Continue reading

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Airsoft Helmetcam – ControlPoint [2010-10-16]

This was a two hour game with no respawns. Players had to capture three points and start a timer, the highest total time at the end won the game. And yes, I’m in Canada now. I’m also indexing my videos … Continue reading

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Airsoft Snipercam Test – Death to Snowman!

Testing out the quality and usability of a new snipercam rig. Unlike the last one this one is actually usable in game. It’s mounted on an M16 DMR RIS and the scope is mounted on the forward rail with the … Continue reading

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