Sniper Destroys Entire Opfor Without Being Seen

Lone sniper takes out enemy team and they have no idea where he is. He took out 7 people and prevented the remaining few from reaching the bomb in time to disarm it. This is what being a sniper is all about.

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Airsoft HelmetcamHD – Don’t Camp, Assault!

Deathmatch round filmed at 1080p/60fps on a Gopro3 Black. Good example on how pressing forward can be more effective than camping. The opfor tried to camp the back end of the field and pick us off as we moved up. We took their right and left flank (I’m on the right) and squashed them in the middle.

Date should be 2013 01 30, my bad.

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Airsoft HelmetcamHD – Base Assault – Push the Flag

Filmed on a Gopro 3 at 60fps. Keep in mind this is a two hour game compressed down to less than 10 minutes, I did my best to keep the. I had a file corruption in the middle for some reason, first time I’ve ever had that with a gopro. The whole part where we push to capture the flag was lost and I had to return to base to respawn after pushing too far ahead. I’ve cut it to look like one seamless round.

Filmed at Panther Paintball in Surrey, BC. If you want to join on the fun visit:

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FPS Airsoft – Trail Ambush

Deathmatch round, 15 on 15. We ran out ahead to ambush the other team’s flankers on the right side. We got 1 and then I circled around and finished the other two off. You may hear my Magpul PDR-C mis-feeding when I’m firing on auto. This is because this was about 6 hours into the day and we were playing in the rain at the end of winter. Everything’s wet and slippery. I’m just happy it worked at all.

Audio isn’t very good because I had the back on the camera because of the rain.

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Magpul PDR-C – Detailed Review

Review of the new Magpul PDR-C. This is an awesome little rifle, check it out.

ps. I did find I could use the midcaps when I ground down the back of the magazines, not really happy about having to do that but at least it works.

+Full carbine barrel with a tiny footprint
+Uses M4 mags
+Quick spring change
+High quality build
+Two stage trigger

-Most midcaps and lowcaps need modification to work
-Mag release tight
-Small Battery compartment

Followup: I did grind down one of my midcaps and it fit fine, but I think it’s pretty extreme to expect people to grind their mags down just to use them with this.

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1000 Frames/Sec AS M4 vs Balloon!!

Custom Airsoft M4 RIS Shooting a balloon at 1000 frames per second.

Testing the Sony NEX-FS700 at 1000 frames per second camera by shooting a balloon with an airsoft gun.

Way too much glare, I didn’t have a ND filter set on it but the effect was way to cool not to post. Check out my 1000 fps slingshot test on my other channel:

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Airsoft HelmetcamHD – Jungle Base Assault – 4 Kills!

1st person HD helmet cam. This is a base assault round. Our team has to eliminate the opfor from a fortified base. I’m part of a flanking team who’s job it is to sneak up from the right side while the main force keeps the opfor busy.

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Airsoft Gun vs Glasses

Will a standard pair of glasses stand up to a direct hit from an airsoft gun? Watch and see!

Recorded in 1080p HD

Airsoft Gun:
Thompson 1928 Chicago Typewriter shooting at 395fps.

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AIrsoftHD – Control Point – Long Edit

I usually edit rounds down to about 6 minutes and just keep the action parts. Since a lot happened in this round I tried something different and only took enough out to make it as long as a standard sitcom (22min and change). The original round was around 40 minutes.

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Back in the Game

I give up, two years out of airsoft and I’m twenty pounds fatter and way out of shape. I’m buying gear and getting back in the game. So far I have two setups pending, a run and gun M4 Navy and a sniper setup.

I’m not screwing around with the setups this time. I’m going top of the line on both. I’ll post a review and details of each gin when they are ready to rock.

One big change this time is reviews. has been awesome enough to send me a few toys to play with. I’m considering this a new start and getting a new format. Every game day I’m going to try one new piece of gear and to an after action review video of it. I have an awesome studio setup at home so I might as well use it :).

Since my guns are in 1000 pieces and have parts on order, I’m going to try paintball for the first time in almost 10 years this weekend. I’m going to take my new Gopro 3 Black through it’s paces. Review and gameplay video coming next week!

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